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David, the founder of Energy Yoga is certified by Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT and runs the certified teacher training program at Energy Yoga (RYS).  David enjoys many styles of yoga, but is known for dynamic "Dharma Flow," a fusion of Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 
Cecy began practicing yoga in 2001, at the urging of a doctor, as a way to deal with pain and stress. Even after the pain subsided, her love and passion for practicing yoga only grew. In 2012, she became a certified instructor and began her journey as a teacher. Cecy specializes in teaching Beginner’s Hatha Yoga. She enjoys passing on her very detailed knowledge about proper alignment, breathing and mindfulness. She encourages her students to continuously improve, while at the same time avoiding injury.

One of her goals as a teacher is to make yoga accessible to everyone and spread her love for yoga, breaking the misconception that yoga is just for flexible people.

Sofía Villalobos discovered her passion for the yoga practice in 2005 and has been inspired by many teachers to awaken the joy of yoga in others. Since her name means wisdom, Sofía continues her path of always learning and expanding her knowledge of several styles and poses to offer variety for her students. Her Master of Science degree in Higher Education Administration allows her to work with students in various capacities on a daily basis. She is known for her caring nature to help others, a drive to succeed and her belief that yoga is the best gift we can give to ourselves and to others.
I tried yoga for the first time back in my home country over 10 years ago.
What started more as a workout, slowly began turning into a love affair and a newly discovered passion… Years later I tried yoga again here in Miami; but It wasn’t until I met David Yglesias that I truly fell in love with yoga and all it encompasses. I love how for that hour or hour and a half you’re “lost” in your practice. I love the yoga high you experience after…

I started practicing with David in 2010, and became certified in 2012. I like to expose my students to new poses, and always try to keep that mind–body–soul connection by offering a fresh, fun, and challenging practice.

I love the energy that all of you bring to the mat, and hope to inspire and plant that seed in you so that you also find your passion!

"The quieter you become the more you are able to hear." Rumi

Nelsy Casanova is a Certified Mathematics, Special Education, Elementary Teacher and a mother two.

Nelsy started taking yoga classes in order to become more flexible and discovered a love for yoga and all its forms. As a result, she became a yoga instructor 3 years ago and has taught Yin Yoga, the "quiet yoga" since September 2014. Her classes are soothing, relaxing and gentle on the body and spirit.

In 2010, a Groupon and the desire to try something new brought Zenny to the practice of yoga in David Yglesias’ pop up studio in the Doral Park Country Club.
Her love of yoga was instant and quickly became a part of her everyday life. Recognizing her love and commitment to her practice. David offered Zenny the opportunity to receive her 200 hour RYT-Yoga Alliance certification as part of the Energy Yoga Fall Class of 2013…and the rest they say is history.
Zenny currently teaches warm power vinyasa, and is well-known for her high energy, challenging flow and slight love for standing splits and Navasana! She loves her students and is inspired by them Every Single Day!
“Yoga became my life, because I fell in love with it, it’s not about doing a handstand or cool arm balancing, it’s about loving your practice, that’s what I wish for all my students.”
Zenny continues to advance her practice by attending various workshops and retreats, most recently this past summer 2016 when she visited Thailand. She hopes to complete her 300 hour RYT-Yoga Alliance certification in 2017.
Along with yoga, Zenny is the Development Coordinator at Baptist Health Foundation; she enjoys traveling, eating, drinking, dancing and just life, “because life is all about balance.”
“The best teachers are those who tell you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” - Anonymous
Live the moment and try to get the best of it while it last.
Go with the flow and be truthful to your heart.
Try kindness over being right.
Have fun.
Live Love Laugh and Yoga.

I'll be more than honored to guide you through your practice!

Alicia resonates calm and peace with her smooth voice and gentle practice.
I began my yoga journey 5 years ago, i fell in love on the very first class i took, it just felt so natural. My favorite styles of yoga are Vinyasa Flow and Power yoga and i love to practice anywhere outside with nature. Yoga has taught me to live in the present and to stop rushing into the future. In my classes i love to have fun but also break a sweat and create beautiful energy. I am also an skin care specialist so i feel i was put on this earth to make people beautiful inside and out!
Carlos, is a certified, inspired yogi, that is looking to be of service in his community. He embarked on his yoga journey in 2012.
The lessons learned on the mat have helped him with his physical health, mental peace of mind, and have created a deeper understanding of life itself. He decided to become certified in 2014 to share this healing, peaceful, and calming practice with others.
Susana is a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. Susana enjoys inspiring other yogis to become a better version of themselves.  She believes that yoga can and will change your life.
Her journey began in 2012, when she was immediately drawn to all aspects of yoga, not only for the physical benefits of the practice, but also as a healing system to our overall health, physical, mental and spiritual.
The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in the mind, body and spirit. With her humility and grace, Susana is a beacon of light, guiding others along this journey of self-discovery.
Dunia has been in the mental health field since 1994 and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Florida; with experience working with the elderly, acute mental health and traumatic brain injured patients, at-risk youth, domestic violence, substance abuse, inclusion and special needs, and early childhood development.
Her area of expertise is promoting Social-Emotional Competence in young children and infants. She is also a Certified Educator in Infant Massage promoting bonding and attachment between babies and their parent(s)/caregiver(s). Dunia brings her mental health experience into her yoga classes, creating an inclusive, healing and self-esteem building environment, through the asana practice.
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