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who we are

WE ARE OPEN! We offer both in person (studio) classes and online classes. 7-Days a week, with 14 highly trained instructors.

If you come to a live class at the studio, we ask that you:

• Be sure to not come if you feel sick or if you are in a “high risk” group, per CDC guidelines.

• Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes early for the safety protocols. We release reservations to people on the wait list 15-minutes prior to class start.

• You must bring a mask and wear it per Miami-Dade guidelines.

• When you arrive, please take off your shoes when you enter the front door

• There will be a table on your left for you to sanitize your hands

• Check in at the front desk, where your temperature

With classes 7-Days a week, Energy Yoga should have a class style and time to meet the busiest schedules.

Energy Yoga serves the South Florida area offering Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Teacher Training, Stress & Anxiety Therapy, Therapeutic Massage, Energy Healing Reiki, Hypnosis, Holistic Mental Health Counseling and more…

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Second Eddition just Released - The Path of Light

A guide for the student of yoga, as they deepen their practice, or for those on the journey to becoming a yoga teacher.

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200 - Hour Teacher Training

Our Teachers


Pricing & Packages

  • General Yoga & Meditation Class packages for all your yoga need
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200 - Hour Teacher Training

Teacher Training

  • 200 hour teacher training courses w/ David Scott Yglesias
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Our Classes

  • We offer classes 7-days a week from 6:00 am until 8:45 pm.
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our mission

“Making yoga, meditation and wellness programs affordable and accessible to everyone, in a safe, judgment free space of self-discovery. We seek to guide students to find the best version of themselves (body, mind & spirit) through their practice.”



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Vrschikasana or Scorpion Pose 🦂 is an advanced pose that you may begin to explore once you have developed sufficient core strength and shoulder mobility through a consistent yoga practice. This inversion facilitates a tremendous backbend and mimics the position of a scorpion ready to strike. Some have labeled Scorpion as one of the hardest yoga poses. It can take extra preparation and skill to build the muscle, flexibility, and skill to practice this pose safely and effectively. It is often considered a "peak pose" that culminates with a physical asana practice. ⏩ Swipe to see how our student and teacher in training Claudia gets into the pose with the help and guidance of David @david_yglesias #yoga #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #yogagram #yogaeverywhere #yogajourney #yogatips #advancedyoga

The Story of the Golden Buddha (Tonight's theme - Finding the Golden Buddha within each of us) In Bangkok there is a golden statue of the Buddha that stands 9’8” tall, weighs 5.5 tons and is worth approximately 250 million in its gold. The statue was thought to be built in 1,403 and was revered by Buddhist for many hundreds of years. In 1,757 the Burmese Army was invading Thailand. Facing complete annihilation, the Buddhist monks at the monastery hastily began covering their Golden Buddha with plaster, which was painted and inlaid with bits of colored glass, to make it look of little or no value to the invading army. During the invasion all the Buddhist monks were tragically murdered, but the Golden Buddha was left undiscovered. In 1957 an entire Monastery in Thailand was being relocated by a group of monks. One day they were moving a giant clay Buddha when one of the monks noticed a large crack in the clay. On closer investigation he saw there was a golden light emanating from the crack. The monk used a hammer and a chisel to chip away at the clay exterior until he revealed that the statue was in fact made of solid gold. In yoga we come to the mat and often ask ourselves… “Who are we really, why am I here and where am I going?” What this story so eloquently explains is that inside each of us, there lives a golden Buddha of light. Our purpose in life is to rediscover our Buddha for ourselves. What happens over the course of our life is that we pile layer upon layer of clay over our own Golden Buddha. The heaviest layer of clay is of our own doing – it’s our own ego and it's limited thinking along with our unconscious conditioning. The other layers of clay get added on from external influences (parents, schools and teachers, bosses and co-workers, society, the media, the church, government and corporations). Eventually we are so laden with clay that we forget that the Golden Buddha is there all the time. The secret to finding our Golden Buddha, our higher purpose, lies not in the future, but in our past. All we need to do is start chipping away at the clay and rediscovering those things we were passionate about as we grew up. We reconnect with the things that first brought joy into our lives. We recall the times when we were “in the flow” and time stood still. We chip away at our clay on the yoga mat and as we get close, that golden light from within us will once again reemerge. Imagine a world where every person could return to their natural state, their Golden Buddha. Just imagine. We have added a lot of classes, as more and more students are returning to the center. Please check out tonight's lineup: 8:30am - Rise & Flow w/ Natalie 6:00pm - Warm Dharma Flow w/ David 6:00pm - Beginner's Yoga w/ Kei (Both in person and live streamed) 7:30pm - Warm Dharma Flow w/ David (Both in person and streamed) 7:30pm - Yoga en Espanol (Spanglish) w/ Maria Laura 8:45pm - Guided Meditation w/ David (Both in person and live streamed)

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