Persiverance and Eventual Success

“If you get tired along the way, rest don’t quit.”

“You could have grown cold, but you grew courageous instead. You could have given up, but you kept on going. You could have seen obstacles, but you called them adventures. You could have called them weeds, but instead you called them wildflower. You could have died a caterpillar, but you fought on to be a butterfly. You could have denied yourself goodness, but instead you chose to show yourself some self-love. You could have defined yourself by the dark days, but instead through them you realized your light.” - S.C. Lourie

“It is not where you start in life, but the direction in which you are heading that determines the outcome. Magnificent things grow from the insignificant. The small stream becomes the mighty ocean, the tiny pine nut becomes the towering pine tree. Inside each of us, lies vast and infinite potential, only waiting to be explored by that child within.” David Scott

“To reach our goals, we must first learn to focus. If you aim your arrow at two birds you will bring down none.” – David Scott

“When our talents meet perseverance, opportunity presents itself. The door of opportunity will not open unless you do a little pushing. The person that does nothing except wait for their ship to come in, has already missed the boat.” - David Scott

“Determination is the wind in our sails, pushing us onward, over and through the waves of fear and doubt.” David Scott

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

“Victory belongs to the most persevering” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Happiness is to be found along the way of our journey. Happiest is a person that still can find joy in the detours of life. If we wait only until the end of the journey to experience happiness, it is too late. When we eat a delicious meal, we savor each bite. We do not wait for the end of the meal, only when the last morsel is finished, to taste the joy of our feast.” David Scott

“The two hardest things in life to handle, are failure and success.”

“Happy the person that gets up every morning with enthusiasm and falls asleep with satisfaction in their heart.” David Scott

“Determination is the wind in our sails that pushes us onward, over and through the waves of fear and doubt.” David Scott

. “My biggest struggles have been my biggest teachers.” - Kathryn Budig